Digital Agency is a Small Business Consulting firm, affiliated with E-Myth Worldwide (founded by Michael E. Gerber, author of E-Myth Revisited), based in Santa Rosa, California. Thomas O. Bardeen is E-Myth Worldwide most experienced Small Business Consultant, and is one of the leading Small Business Consultants in the United States. Mr. Bardeen specializes in helping businesses with revenues between $1 million and $50 million develop Operations Manuals, including 1) Leadership Documentation, 2) Organizational Charts, 3) Position Agreements, 4) Action Plans, and 5) Policies and Procedures. Over the past 10 years, Business Consulting USA has been privileged to help more than 200 business owners increase their revenues and profits and get better organized,enabling these business owners to get “free” of their businesses and to have “more life”.
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Business Consulting USA recognizes that even highly competent business leaders, including those with Harvard MBA’s, get so busy “Do’in It, Do’in It, Do’in It”, they fail to develop and implement an Operations Manual, which would get them into “standard best business practices condition”, a.k.a. “franchise prototype condition”. Business Consulting USA helps small businesses help themselves by reviewing from “a” to “z” the 100+ business systems that constitute “best business practices”. Consulting is done by phone and fax, meeting weekly three times or more each month, to alter your experience in real time, while you are still devoting your energies to running your business. The attempt is to “buy” time for you to undertake this program, and to buy time for the documentation you, your managers, and your employees need to complete in order to get into “franchise prototype condition”. This is done by teaching and training your entire staff to meet one-on-one, religiously for 30 minutes each week, holding all but the most “drop dead” urgent issues (a.k.a. Key Frustrations) for those one-on-one meetings. After completing just the first of 21 “modules” in the Mastery Program, several of our clients have “cut” their work week by 50%!

This program covers virtually every aspect of Business Development. We begin with Leadership, with the task of identifying your Primary Aims, translating them into Strategic Objectives for your business, so that your business serves you and your life, rather than the other way around. We then introduce modern Marketing principles, helping you understand that your clients are not doing business with you just to buy products and services; they are primarily at your door, rather than your competitor’s door, because of some “unconscious mind fulfillment”. For example, people flock to Nike for “excitement and adventure”, as expressed in “Just Do It!” , not to “buy shoes”. Indeed, Nike sells more sports equipment and clothing today than shoes, so it’s not product. We’ll teach you that, and we’ll discover how you should be positioned in the marketplace.

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Then we do Finance. We show you how to create “management” reports that serve you and your business, rather than “tax” reports, as prepared by your CPA, which likely serve only the IRS. After Finance, we get into the thick of things. In Management, we go from “a” to “z”, from Organizational Charts to Human Resources to Policies and Procedures.

Next, we focus on Client Fulfillment. You may have been calling it “Production”, or “Operations”, or “Do’in It, Do’in It, Do’in It”. After we are sure your company is in “franchise prototype” condition, we focus on growth . Most clients assume that all they need to succeed is to grow Sales. But if your business has cancer, rapid growth will surely kill it. More of our clients have “hit the wall” because of fast growth than because of slow growth. As we will cover in Finance, you need to be sure that every single thing you do is profitable, or you would be well advised to do less of it, not more. First, get profitable, then grow! Proper pricing, combined with optimum management of your business, to assure profitability, is the formula for success. Once we are sure that you are “at your best”, we concentrate, heavily, on Lead Conversion (a.k.a. “Sales”) and Lead Generation (a.k.a. “Marketing”).

And that’s just Stage 1!

The 3 Stages in the Mastery Program are:

Stage 1: Getting Your House In Order: “On time, every time, exactly as promised.”
Stage 2: Growing Your Business: “Exceeding expectations as a matter of course.”
Stage 3: Getting Free Of Your Business: “Getting what you really want out of your business and your life.”

Stages 2 and 3 cycle through the same subjects as Stage 1, but at a more advanced level. In Stage 2, more emphasis is placed on Growth. In Stage 3, the emphasis is on putting you distinctly in charge.

The Mastery Program works as follows: We establish a “regular hour”, e.g. Mondays at 7:30AM. Then, you receive a call each of the first 3 Mondays in any given month at precisely that hour. The 4th Monday becomes an “automatic” reschedule date; alternatively, if we have already met 3 times, your consultant will typically be available for an “extra” inbound call from you on the 4th Monday. The “extra” meeting acts as a bit of a “reward” for having met our schedule during the first 3 weeks, and avoids significant gaps in our communication. In general, Business Consulting USA likes to go beyond “contractual” obligations in terms of Customer Service.

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Another way that Business Consulting USA tries to “over-serve” clients is by offering up to 70 minutes each meeting, instead of the “standard” 50 minutes! This usually allows us a few minutes to say “hello” at the beginning of each meeting, and to “summarize” at the end. Additionally, in point of fact, your consultant tries to make himself available anytime, whenever extraordinary issues arise where you need some assistance!

Each of the 3 Stages in the Mastery Program has 7 “Modules”. Thus, there are 21 “Modules” in the program. Each “Module” has 6-10 “booklets”, with “worksheets”. Each “booklet” is a “process”, or “system”. Some “Modules” are accompanied by tapes. Clients try to read at least 1 “booklet”, representing a “process” or “system”, each week, sending in the “worksheets” accompanying that “booklet” prior to our meetings. We then discuss the “worksheets” for 30 minutes or so, leaving another 30 minutes to talk about the “key” issues in the client’s business. That way, we progress through the program, implementing processes in real time!

One of the most important things each client wants out of the Mastery Program is to get well organized, very well organized. As we send quite a bit of information to clients, we suggest placing our information in three 3-ring binders, usually dark blue binders. The first binder is entitled “The E-Myth Mastery Program”. Clients extract the readings that come in a plastic box, and place them into this binder, which is “tabbed” exactly like the names of the modules: